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New Construction Inspection and Pipeline Integrity Assessment Services

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Serving as your OneSource pipeline protection provider, MISTRAS keeps both your new construction and mature pipeline networks streaming smoothly with a full range inspection, engineering, monitoring, and pipeline data management solutions.

Pipeline networks are some of the most crucial transportation infrastructure in the world. People around the globe rely on these networks in our everyday lives. MISTRAS understands the importance of keeping pipelines flowing smoothly and safely, and provides a comprehensive range of pipeline protection solutions to support our clients.

Oil & gas pipelines can transport potentially hazardous products, so MISTRAS provides solutions to enable our clients to ensure the safety of their lines, the public, and the environment, while still maximizing pipeline productivity.

MISTRAS simplifies your pipeline protection from new construction projects all the way through pipeline integrity assessments. We do this through a wide range of pipeline protection solutions, including:

We’re prepared for both small and large projects, with access solutions and a fully-equipped vehicle fleet for nearly any terrain and location.

Operating on newly-constructed, mature, buried, and aboveground pipelines, our full range of high-value pipeline protection solutions help your operation maximize safety and efficiency to extend your pipeline’s lifetime.

New Construction Pipeline Inspection Services

MISTRAS offers a robust suite of available non-destructive evaluation (NDE) inspection services, ranging from traditional NDE to high-tech pipeline crawlers.

Our key pipeline NDE services include:

Our pipeline NDE solution help us to accurately identify locate, and size girth material weld defects, monitor discontinuities over successive inspection intervals, calculate growth rates of discontinuities, and plan repair or replacement activities.

We supply highly-trained and certified NDE technicians, who can also perform pipeline inspection services with RT and UT external crawlers.

Automated Radiographic Inspection (ART) Pipeline Crawler

MISTRAS’ SMART and Through-Wall ART crawler systems are innovatively designed inspection tools that utilize Digital Radiography (DR) to search for issues within insulated and uninsulated pipelines. This unique technology can inspect 100% of a pipeline in the time it typically takes to inspect 10% using manual methods, and can also inspect in-service piping, with product still flowing through them, therefore eliminating the need for costly shutdowns.

In addition, the crawlers allow operators to review inspection video and radiographic results simultaneously for faster data collection, processing, and analysis, subsequently cutting down on time, safety hazards, and overall budget. 

MISTRAS’ smART and Through-Wall crawlers deliver other common features, including:

  • Fully Wireless/Umbilical Control System
  • Unlimited Autonomous Range
  • Adaptable to Various Diameters
  • Self-Leveling Motion Control System

To learn more about our SMART and Through-Wall ART crawler systems , click here.

Pipeline Integrity Assessment Services

After your pipeline has been in operation for several years, MISTRAS performs pipeline integrity inspections & assessments to ensure it continues to operate safely. Our pipeline integrity assessment solutions include:

  • Aboveground Survey Direct Assessments
  • Pipe-to-Soil Potential
  • Corrosion Measurements
  • Coating Inspections
  • Inline Inspection (ILI) Services
  • AUT Inspection of Dead Legs
  • Remote Auditing
Inline Inspection (ILI) Services

MISTRAS provides inline inspection services for small-, medium- and large-bore pipelines, including those that were previously considered unpiggable. We use combination inspection tools with high-resolution sensors in both free swimming and tethered configurations. Our tools identify and record all pertinent pipeline data, including metal loss defects and pipeline-specific geometry features.

Pigging refines the inline inspection process and produces accurate data. Our technology enables us to determine whether damages are to the internal or external pipe body wall, offering a high level of insight to enable more effective maintenance planning. Though inline inspection often requires multiple runs by multiple contractors, our tools can gather all relevant inspection data in a single run, saving time and money.

To learn more about our innovative inline inspection (ILI) service technologies, click here.

Pipeline Integrity Direct Assessments

Direct assessments are used to evaluate external corrosion during pipeline integrity assessments, often performed in conjunction with inline inspection (ILI) or hydrostatic pressure testing. They are typically conducted to evaluate external corrosion, internal corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking (SCC). Direct assessments consist of reviewing pipeline operating data, indirect and direct examinations, and a post-assessment evaluation to determine the appropriate action.

MISTRAS supplies pipeline integrity experts to perform external corrosion direct assessments (ECDA).

ECDAs are used to comply with government and regulatory body regulations. These regulations require pipeline operators to gather more definitive information regarding the extent and types of damage in the piping system in a timely fashion after internal defect has been found.

MISTRAS takes advantage of our wide range of available NDE solutions and pipeline engineering expertise to complete direct assessments.

Searching for internal and external corrosion, stress corrosion cracking (SCC), long-seam anomalies, and third-party mechanical damage, MISTRAS completes multiple NDT technologies and other tests, including:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Magnetic Particle (MT)
  • Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Radiography (RT)
  • Soil pH Level Recordings
  • Topographical Land and Land-Usage Categorizations
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Visual Inspection (VT)

All of our pipeline integrity reporting is performed in the field using electronic reporting formats that enable the down loading of electronic data from our inspection equipment to our field computers. Our report is standardized, concise, and thorough.

Hard-To-Reach Pipeline Access and Inspection Solutions

Many pipelines, especially offshore subsea and buried lines, are difficult to access for regular inspection and maintenance, but long intervals between inspections can allow damages to worsen.

MISTRAS provides unmanned drones, trained divers, inspection crawlers, and condition-monitoring solutions to ensure that pipeline operators stay aware of their asset’s conditions at all times.

Unmanned Drone Pipeline Inspection Services

Aerial drones are useful to quickly and safely conduct pipeline right-of-way inspections in hard-to-reach areas, and as emergency response tools to pinpoint underground gas leaks with infrared sensors. Our subsea drones prevent the need to take a pipeline out of service by using high-resolution cameras, UT, and sonar, which can check for blockages in high-turbidity liquid.

Pipeline Integrity Data Management Software

Effective and accurate data management is the key to any pipeline integrity management (IM) program. Many pipeline operators rely on spreadsheets and paper files to document pipeline inspection and integrity data throughout its lifetime, but this inefficient method of data storage potentially increases the possibility of overlooking data that may predict a pipeline failure.

Through our Plant Condition Management Software, PCMS, MISTRAS centralizes new construction inspection and pipeline integrity data, enabling pipeline operators to make more informed decisions on their pipeline maintenance.

During the pipeline integrity phase, the centralized data hub reflects the dates and types of any previous inspection, maintenance services, and monitoring data, for a complete picture of the pipeline’s integrity.

Combining PCMS’ advanced engineering capabilities with access to historical inspection data, MISTRAS works with clients to prioritize potentially high-risk problem areas.

As a OneSource asset protection solution provider, MISTRAS works with our clients to implement and execute a comprehensive pipeline IM program, including providing:

  • Engineering input on pipeline design and construction
  • NDE inspections for newly-constructed lines and direct assessments
  • Coating, insulation, corrosion mitigation, and other light mechanical services to repair and prevent defects
  • Remote monitoring systems and services to provide early warning of potential damage areas
  • Storage, organization, and analysis of all inspection and integrity data in a central inspection data management software (IDMS), utilizing a risk-based assessment algorithm custom-tailored for the properties of an individual pipeline.
Risk-Based Pipeline Criticality Assessments

Our PCMS and pipeline engineering experts work with our clients to develop asset-specific, risk-based pipeline integrity management (IM) programs. These risk-based criticality assessments help to maximize the safety and integrity of a pipeline by assessing an asset’s criticality by analyzing the probability and consequence of failure.

Pipeline risk-based criticality assessments can only be performed through the use of an advanced data management software capable of performing complex engineering calculations.

To determine an identified defect’s probability and consequence of failure, PCMS takes into account multiple factors, including:

  • Population Near the Affected Segment
  • Material of Construction
  • Pipeline Age
  • Type of Product
  • Soil Type
  • Likely Damage Mechanism(S)
  • Previous Repairs
  • Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP)

Based off the answers, operators are able to determine how critical a repair is for the identified defect, optimizing maintenance planning.

MISTRAS’ value-added, OneSource pipeline protection programs provide an integrated, one-stop shop from start to finish. With multiple inspection, deployment, and data management solutions available during every operational phase, MISTRAS has an answer for any pipeline problem.

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